Pure Immunity

Give your body the fuel it needs to stay healthy and on the go. The Immunity Drip improves both immune health and mental clarity. It includes a high dosage of Vitamin C, B vitamins, and Zinc combined with nutrients that help keep common illnesses at bay.

Benefits Include

  • Hydration, Increased cell healing and repair, Increased immune function, Fast Illness recovery
  • The Drip is filled with these vitamins individually
  • Zinc, C, B-Complex, multi-trace elements

What's Inside

How does it work?

Vitamin C helps assists the immune system by helping in the production of nearly all immune system cells and functions when pathogens are detected.
The antioxidant properties in vitamin C also reduce inflammation and irritation in the tissues caused by free radicals.
Zinc helps with gene expression, enzyme functions, and to prevent infection. It is used in cell growth, cell division, and wound healing.
Research shows that zinc can inhibit the process that causes mucus and bacteria that can build up in nasal passages. It is also found that zinc helps prevent colds from occurring.
B complex helps create energy by acting as cofactors in the metabolism of food to help alleviate fatigue.

The Immunity Drip is a tailor-made infusion to boost your immune system to help in prevention of travel related illnesses associated with common viruses and microbes.

The Immunity Drip is perfect before a long trip. On a crowded airplane, you are exposed to international microbes from other travelers making you more prone to gettting sick. It is also best to get an infusion at the first signs of illness to help decrease the potential duration.

Caution is advised in those with known congestive heart failure, renal failure, or liver disease. Please consult with your primary care physician prior to treatment.

People that have G6PD deficiency, also known as Favism, should not receive IV high dose Vitamin C because it can cause hemolytic anemia. Favism most commonly affects people of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian descent.

Pure Immunity Drip What can you expect?

Improvement of blood volume allowing perfusion of nutrients and blood to all of your vital organs. Best results are seen with continual treatments.

Pure Immunity Drip How Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?

IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This provides increased cell absorption and 100% bio availability of vitamins via IV infusion. Booster shots are administered via intramuscular (IM) injection so there is no GI metabolism, which also allows for increased absorption. With oral supplements, you only get about 20% absorption after filtering through your digestive system, which clearly pales in comparison to IV vitamins.

Pure Immunity Drip How long does it take to infuse?

30-45 min for 500 ml and 45-60 min for 1 liter. We use pressure cuffs, different sized catheters, and adjust drip rates based off your individual needs.