Pure Hydrate Plus

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Benefits Include

  • Hydration, Increased cell healing and repair, Increased immune function, Fast Illness recovery
  • Drops filled with these vitamins individually
  • Zinc, C, B-Complex, B12, multi-trace elements
  • Boosted Energy

What's inside

How Does it Work?

Your body uses up 1-2L of fluids per day through normal processes and functions. With IV therapy, the fluids are going intracellular compared to drinking 8 cups of water that is partially absorbed in the GI route.
1 liter of fluids intravenously is much more fluid volume than drinking 8 cups of water (2L of water). So you can get twice the work done in half the effort. Make your body work smarter, not harder!
The best part about this drip is that you can customize it based off of your individual needs with any of our PURE boosters! We make your drip to order!