Tackle beauty goals safely by utilizing our cutting-edge PURE CRYO ONE treatment.  This innovative device is designed to provide treatment tailored to the individual client. 

CRYO ONE provides Cryo Slimming and Cryo Toning for a multitude of benefits.

Cryo Body Slimming safely and effectively uses thermal shock to naturally destroy adipose cell or fat cells. The device breaks down fat cells by starting the treatment with heat then a prolonged period of cold then heat again.

The body then naturally flushes the fat cells out through the bloodstream and then the lymphatic system in a few days to weeks following the treatment. It is safe, painless and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is most similar to “Cool Sculpting” but is less expensive, and more effective.

Cryo Toning involves less cold to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening muscles. Collagen and elastane production is caused by the significantly increased micro circulation due to the thermal shock that is caused by the hot and cold. Cellulite is caused by uneven deposits of fat which are separated by collagen fibers. The Cryo One Selene safely triggers the fluids that bind the fat cells together to crystalize. This crystallization destroys fat cells and fibers holding the deposits together, softening the skin and basically ironing them out, returning your skin back to it’s dimple free appearance.

These Treatments can help with: Fat Removal, Body Slimming, Tightening & Toning of the Skin, Reducing Cellulite, Stimulating the Production of Collagen, Reducing the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Relaxing Muscles, Speeding Up Cellular Activity & Repair Cycles, and Improving Blood Circulation.

QMD® Cryo One Sélene Therapy when used on the face and neck is the ultimate anti-aging treatment that aids in eliminating unwanted fat cells under the chin, firming/toning the face and neck and helping in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forehead, and neck area.  When targeting the body, Cryo One allows for the safe removal of fatty cells from the abdomen, thighs, arms, and legs as well as toning and firming of any body area with loose skin that needs it. 


CryoSlimming safely and effectively uses thermal shock of heat, cold, and heat again to naturally freeze, break down and eliminate fat cells without any damage to the skin.  The slimming setting also firms and tones the area at the same time.  The Cryo One Sélene freezes and removes fat cells, which your body naturally flushes out through our waste removal system, the lymphatic system, and the blood system within the next two weeks following the treatment, while firming and toning the skin all at the same time.  It is a safe, painless and a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is most similar to “Cool Sculpting” but is cheaper, painless and more effective.

  • CryoSlimming: Abdomen, Love Handles, Thighs, Under Arms, Legs, and Double Chin. 


CryoToning helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening the muscles.  The heat applied first increases the blood circulation to the area being treated, then the quick change in temperature to freezing shocks the skin , this allows the skin to contract and tighten.
The difference between CryoSlimming and CryoToning: CryoSlimming reaches
colder temperatures that destroy the fat cells through a process known as apoptosis. CryoToning involves less cold temperature and therefore does not kill any fat cells. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

CryoToning: Face, Neck, Arms, Legs, Abdomen, Glutes/Buttocks, and Thighs. 


The CryoToning uses below zero temperatures that penetrate below the skin. Cellulite is caused by subcutaneous deposits of fat primarily in the legs and glutes. The Sélene triggers the fluids that bind the fat cells together to crystalize. This crystallization destroys the fat cells and the bonds holding the deposits together. Repeated sessions will slowly take away the upper layers of fat. The cells which have been destroyed enter the blood stream after which they are disposed of via the lymphatic system.

Types of Cellulite 

Stage I: Aqueous Cellulite This type of cellulite is caused by water retention due to poor blood and lymphatic circulation. It is important to drain toxins and reactivate circulatory exchanges.

Stage II: Adipose Cellulite
This type of cellulite is often associated with excess weight. It is necessary to stimulate the natural release of fat. 

Stage III: Fibrous Cellulite This type of cellulite is harder to get rid of because it as been present for a long time, is compact and often painful. 

The Sélene stimulates the skin and fatty tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. At the same time, this stimulation helps to release fat and to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. Cryo One‘s hot and cold settings shock the cells by freezing them to stimulate natural fat release and firms skin to give it back it’s tonality and dimple free appearance.

How Can Cryotherapy Help in Reducing Cellulite?

Cryotherapy reduces fatty deposits by using extreme cold to constrict the blood vessels. It is a non-invasive treatment of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. It consists of a special developed technique where warm and cold are used and applied directly to the patient’s skin Subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissue. Exposure to cooling causes fat cell apoptosis – a natural, controlled cell death, which leads to the release of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators that gradually eliminate the affected cells. Inflammatory cells gradually digest the affected fat cells in the months after the procedure, reducing the thickness of the fat layer. Lipids from the fat cells are slowly released and transported by the lymphatic system to be processed and eliminated.

Other methods of fat removal primarily involve necrotic cell death by damaging fat with heat, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or chemical injections. 

In contrast, the Cool-Sculpting procedure using CRYO ONE Selene, lipolysis induces apoptosis only in fat cells to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving all other tissue.

The result of this therapy is a reduction in cellulite and a more wholesome appearance. 

What to expect


The treatments are executed manually through a slow massage with our Selene hand wand over the selected area of the body. Each session will begin with a light Cryo Specific Lotion Application. Depending on what is being targeted, weather fat removal or firming and tightening, The session will then start with heat followed by cold and then heat again to activate the lymph flow with fat removal, with firming and tightening it starts with heat then cold, followed by a second cycle of heat and cold. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that feels like a light massage.

Cryo Toning and Slimming

Treatments will be provided by QMD® trained staff members who are also either TDLR Licensed Esthetician OR Cosmetologist and has extensive training in various Aesthetic & Cosmetic Non-Surgical Treatments. They also be Provided by Our Nurse Practitioner if they are combined with Microneedling and or PRP Injections. 

Treatments will also be provided by our QMD® trained staff members who are also either TDLR Licensed Massage Therapists who have specific training on Bodily Systems and have 3-12+ years of experience in Massage Therapy. 


Consultations: 20-25 Minutes

Per Area We Treat: Varies with Area and Specific treatment  being performed.  Average 30-90 minutes 

The face & Body contouring treatments last for roughly 30 minutes on average per area and are done manually employing a massage technique. The session begins with 2 minutes of heat and then a prolonged period of cold (22-26 minutes) and then back to heat for another 2-3 minutes. 

Maximum Number of Areas That Can Be Treated Safely Simultaneously? 
Two Firming and Toning Areas may be done in one session once a week. 

One Fat Removal Area may be done in one session every two weeks.  This allows your body to completely eliminate the broken down fat  without over loading the lymphatic system, this system removes waste from the body and any over load can cause swelling of the area.  Drinking plenty of water is extremely important to aide in the removal of this waste


Typically 6-12 Sessions are Needed for Best Results on Items Like: 

Fat Removal, Firming & Toning, Elimination of Cellulite, Stimulating the Production of Collagen, Reducing the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Relaxing Muscles, Speeding Up Cellular Activities & Repair Cycles, Reducing Pain & Inflammation, and Improving Blood Circulation

Frequency of Treatments? 
CryoSlimming treatments can be performed once every two weeks and Cryotoning treatments can be performed every 7 days. There is a physiological reason for this: when apoptosis occurs and some fat cells die, waste is formed. This will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system and urine). Metabolism must therefore be allowed to evacuate this waste without overloading the  lymphatic system.  Drinking half of your body weight in water is very important in order to flush out all the broken down fatty cells efficiently. 

How Long Do The Results Last? 
Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle, diet, and the amount of water taken in, the results can be permanent. For Skin Tightening, an ongoing monthly maintenance schedule is recommended. As Chronological Aging is a part of everyone’s life


The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with heat, then shocking the body 


With Cryo One Sélene Sessions there is no technical down time after the treatments.  Patients may experience slight redness and puffiness depending on skin sensitivity post treatment but should be ready to return to daily activities immediately following the appointment. The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system and then sweat and urine. This process on average takes 1-2 weeks. There are generally no side effects except for an increase in urinate output over the next 3 or so days following the treatment along with the appearance of your urine in color. Any localized redness should not be visible after a few hours. In rare cases localized pain may occur but will dissipate within 2-3 hours. Itching may occur however this is generally due to the reaction of certain cosmetic products used by clients.  We recommend you don’t eat any sweets or carbohydrates for 3 hours after treatment and increase in fluids is essential, exercising after treatment is recommended to speed up the flushing of the frozen fat cells. 


This treatments is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or lactating, or those with Severe Raynaud’s Syndrome, Very poor circulation, Cancer, and Severe Diabetes. 

Proven Results

The CRYO ONE Selene fat-freezing procedure is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment using controlled cooling and thermo shock to eliminate undesired fat resisting all efforts through your current diet and exercise routine.

The CRYO ONE Selene  destroys and reduces fat cells in treated areas by about 20% to 40%. The fat cells destroyed are naturally processed through the body and eliminated.