1. IV Therapy
    1. At Pure Health, we offer a variety of IV therapy options. Made by our skilled medical technicians and using natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our IV cocktails can be used to relieve a myriad of symptoms. Our injections are personalized to fit your situation, can reduce stress, energize, or refresh from fatigue or exhaustion. Because we use vitamins and minerals already found in the body, we provide a natural increase to your nutrient levels while maintaining safety and control. IV injection into the bloodstream ensures direct results that are fast, efficient, and that provide an instant boost when you need it most… [NEED MORE INFO]
  2. Cryotherapy
    1. Our therapists at Pure Health offer cutting-edge cryotherapy services. The use of extreme cold, in small increments of time, will alleviate muscle pain, swelling, and the effects of mental or physical illness. Cryotherapy is proven to have an array of health benefits. We offer regular full-body or region-concentrated treatment options to best fit your needs. Because of the intensity of cryotherapy, it is not recommended for children, the elderly, or pregnant women. Cryotherapy’s cold temperatures affect each patient differently. Our experienced therapists are there to ensure your safety through every moment of your experience… [NEED MORE INFO]
  3. Beauty
    1. Our beauty treatments and products are designed to optimize your health…. [NEED MORE INFO]
  4. Compression
    1. Our compression services are designed to increase blood flow to certain areas of your body naturally. Our high-tech compression machines will apply pressures of varying intensity to the injured or aching area, reducing painful symptoms and speeding up the healing process… [NEED MORE INFO]
  5. Joovv
    1. Joovv technology specializes in red infrared light therapy. Joovv has LED lights built into panels, Joovv machines radiate red light onto the body. This process has been proven to renew and repair scarred or blemished skin tissue, leaving your skin healthy and glowing. Joovv also is attributed to aiding in weight loss, promoting muscle joint recovery while easing pain, and optimizing thyroid function. View our Joovv therapy options or contact us to schedule your rejuvenating Joovv light therapy session today…. [NEED MORE INFO]
  6. Micronutrient Testing
    1. Micronutrient testing offers detailed insight into your body’s strengths and weaknesses. At Pure Health, we conduct micronutrient testing analysis on your white blood cells to accurately pinpoint any insufficiencies. We then use this information to create a personalized therapeutic plan…[NEED MORE INFO]
  7. NAD+
    1. NAD+ is a revolutionary treatment that rises above the rest. This treatment is for anti-aging, and full optimization for health and performance… [NEED MORE INFO]
  8. Energy
    1. Do you find yourself feeling run down and not able to live your normally? At Pure Health, we use natural approaches to create the ultimate blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for an extra boost of energy and rejuvenation… [NEED MORE INFO]